Runway Archive: Alexander McQueen A/W 2004
11 January, 2018
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Standing on the centre of the stage ready to be teleported back to her planet, the model in the picture is wearing the look closing the Alexander McQueen’s a/w 2004 fashion show. 

Alexander McQueen a/w 2004 fashion show, photo by Etienne Tordoir. Courtesy Catwalkpictures, all rights reserved.

The gown is made of layers over layers of silk organza. Its characteristic line consists of wide shoulders and thin and high waist over a voluminous heavy skirt ending with a long train. While moving towards the centre of the dark stage, the only light is coming from the model’s floral neckpiece, which is gleaming intermittently, pacing the show towards its finale. 

In the month preceding the show, Alexander McQueen announced his decision of not taking over the role of creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, wanting instead to focus on his own brand. The show’s breath-taking conclusion was meant by the designer to bring back all the attention on clothes and design, as this collection, entitled ‘Pantheon as Lecum’, was for Alexander McQueen an attempt to turn away from the theatricality of his previous presentations. Set in a futuristic runway, illuminated to resemble the landing pad of an alien spacecraft, the show was opened by flesh/nude coloured looks that gave no hint of such a grandiose finale if not for their extra-terrestrial aura.