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Great News: Europeana Fashion on
3 May, 2017
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Fashion has landed on with a brand new thematic collection. The rich content hosted on the Europeana Fashion Portal has now migrated on the infrastructure. The new layout wants to make items more easily searchable, in order to engage with the existing audience and appeal new ones, of professionals and amateurs alike.

This migration is a result of the collaboration between the Europeana Fashion International Association and the Europeana Foundation, and it will allow crossovers with the other existing thematic collections - for now, Art and Music - giving the chance to researchers and enthusiasts to widen their knowledge and wander into an incredible number of items from different disciplines.

The Europeana Fashion International Association, which is running the largest digital fashion heritage aggregator online, aims to act as a point of reference for fashion institutions in Europe and worldwide, proposing itself as shared ground where a dialogue amongst museums, private archives and also academic institutions is fostered and encouraged.

The Association will be in charge of the curation of content showcased in the new thematic collection: blog posts and editorial activities are planned in coordination with the partners of the Association to best unveil and propose to a wider audience the amazing content held in the Europeana Fashion aggregator. The digital items -more than one million objects- are varied, spanning in chronology as well as geography, ranging from historical dresses and accessories, samples of textiles and embroideries, theatrical costumes, fashion plates, drawings, sketches, illustrations, videos, editorials, advertising campaigns, catwalk photographs and documentations on past exhibitions.

Stay tuned and discover the possibilities of searching the new fashion collection on Europeana. A new interface, but the same address: