Europeana Fashion Focus: 'The Kiss', sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear, 1958.
21 January, 2018
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'The Kiss', sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear, 1958. Courtesy Victoria and Albert Museum, CC BY

These sunglasses are called 'The Kiss.’ The frame is made of two undulating crosses of acetate that go around the lenses, made of plastic veneer on acetate. They were manufactured by the English company Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear in Great Britain in 1958. 

The eyewear design company Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear was established in London in 1926 by Phillip Oliver Goldsmith. Especially during the 1950s, the brand became known worldwide for its unexpected and flamboyant designs. It developed collaborations with important fashion houses such as Dior and Chanel. The company’s designs were also loved by celebrities. Audrey Hepburn used sunglasses manufactured by Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear both off and on set: in fact, the famous sunglasses she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s were a Oliver Goldsmith design.