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Europeana Fashion Focus: Photograph by Imre von Santho, 1936
30 July, 2017
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'Frau in Kleid von Schulze-Bibermell', photograph by Imre von Santho, 1936. Courtesy Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen von Berlin, CC BY NC SA.

This original print shows a woman wearing a dress designed by Schulze-Bibernell and photographed by Imre von Santho in 1936.

In the black and white photograph, the model is wearing a floor-length, sleeveless evening dress with a fitted skirt. The dress is in sheer lam, gathered over the shoulder and the dress is worn by the model with a wide band on her left wrist and a chiffon scarf, that she is keeping in her left hand while bending over a short table with a mirroring surface to look at her reflection.

The avant-gardist atmosphere of the picture is characteristic of the style of the Hungarian photographer, born in 1900. Before moving to Germany, Imre von Santho made his name working for Hungarian magazines, creating graphic designs and illustration too. During the time of the Weimar Republic, Berlin's fashion industry was thriving, and so was its publishing industry. Diverse fashion magazines were, in fact, published in the city offering many photographers to have their pictures featured in. Imre von Santho opened his studio in Berlin in 1929. He only returned to Budapest in 1945, where he eventually committed suicide.