Europeana Fashion Focus: MMM x H&M Dress, 2013
7 May, 2018
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Jersey dress part of the collaboration between Maison Martin Margiela and H&M, 2013. Photo Piotr Szaradowski, courtesy Muzealne Mody, all rights reserved

The picture shows a dress made of light jersey featuring a trompe-l’oeil print with a motif that visually recreates the silhouette of a heavily embroidered, sequined dress. It is a re-edition of a Maison Martin Margiela dress from the Spring/Summer 1996 collection, made for the collaboration the Maison did with the fast-fashion brand H&M in 2013.

The collaboration between Maison Martin Margiela and H&M was more of a retrospective than an ‘original’ collection made of new and never-before-seen items: the designers from the Maison decided to look back at the history of the brand itself, carefully selecting from various collections the pieces that most characterized the aesthetic of the brand itself. 

The collection counted some of the ‘staples’ of the fashion house, reissued for the occasion: Painted jeans, jackets made from leather belts, camel topcoats with the collars shorn off, oversized jackets, shoes with invisible heel. As declared copies, all the items came with a special tag connecting them with their ‘original’: the tag gave informations about the collection the piece - as a design - was first presented. 

This dress is part of Muzealne Mody, a collection of fashion and costume from 1800 onwards. The collection was put together by fashion historian Piotr Szaradowsk; it is mostly focused on French fashion and Parisian couture and includes, among others, breath-taking pieces by Schiaparelli, Paquin, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. In collaboration with Piotr Szaradowski, part of the collection has been now included on the Europeana Fashion channel, which can be browsed at this link: