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Capturing Fashion in the 20th Century with Frieda Verhees' Study Collection
8 May, 2017
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Our long time partner MoMu, the Fashion Museum of the Province of Antwerp, is raising funds for a unique study collection that will made accessible to researchers, students and designers thousands of clothes and accessories from the 20th century.

Frieda explaining her collection to the students. Image courtesy Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, all rights reserved.

These are part of an articulate collection put together by costume designer and teacher Frieda Verhees, who collected these pieces as a source of inspiration for her work in theather as well as an educational resource for her costume history students. Moving the collection into the museum's library will let more people come in contact with her incredible collection and with an insight on the history of costume; it will also enable students, designers and researchers to experience these pieces not only through their eyes, but also with their hands.The study collection will also be documented with an online archive, which will record Frieda's stories about the collection. Moreover, the initiave includes the creation of educational materials about the collector and her collection, as well as an educational film.

Exemples from the study collection. Imagecourtesy MoMu Antwerp, photo by Monica Ho, all rights reserved.

To achieve these goals, MoMu needs your help and support. Visit Goteo and donate to the project. To thank you for your help MoMu offers a range of rewards, including adopting a piece from the study collection or an exclusive visit behind the scenes at MoMu. More information can be found here. It is also possible to make a gift and receive a tax deductible certificate in return (only for Belgium taxpayers). For more information contact

The project ‘Capturing the 20th Century Fashion with Frieda Verhees’ Study Collection’ is a joint initiative of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (dept. Costume Design) and Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp, in collaboration with the European platform for cultural heritage Europeana and crowdfunding platform Goteo.