Hier vindt u lesplannen en hulpmiddelen die u kunnen helpen om boeiende en diepgaande leeractiviteiten buiten de klas te organiseren

Leerscenario's voor afstandsonderwijs

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Let’s Make Green Decisions

Citizenship, Environment, IBSE, Literacy - Lower Secondary Education

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A Timeline of women’s rights

Cooperative learning, Cultural awareness and expression, Language - Upper Secondary Education

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An inclusive world

Cooperative learning, Cultural awareness and expression, D&I - Upper Secondary Education

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Hot Air Balloon

CLIL, Cooperative learning, Cultural awareness, Environment, Game Based Learning, IBSE, PBL, STEAM - Primary education

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Hopes Not Fears

Citizenship, Cooperative learning, Language - Secondary Education, VET & Adult Education

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Playing with cards in Mathematics

Game Based Learning, STEAM - Upper Secondary Education

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Teenagers' Emotional Intelligence

Art, English - Lower secondary

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Look at the picture!

Art, English, Language subjects - Lower secondary, Upper secondary

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Learning in the Europeana platform

Art, History, Language, Philosophy, STEAM - VET, Secondary education

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Curators Corner

Art, English, History - Upper secondary

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Cultural Heritage is ‘New’ Normal!

English, History, STEAM - Upper secondary, VET

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A Window into the Minds of Others

English - Secondary school

More online learning scenarios (opent in nieuw venster)

Platforms to create eLearning activities with your students

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This virtual learning environment offers innovative distant learning tools for history and citizenship education

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Crowdsourcing-initiatief en -wedstrijd om documenten uit de Europeana Collecties te transcriberen

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A smiling man in a suit carries two suitcase-sized televisions under one arm, standing in an electronics store with more televisions lining the walls.

A crowdsourcing initiative that allows you to create and add subtitles to archival audiovisual content

Minecraft videotraining

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Europeana & Minecraft by E. Abbate

The use of digital archives with game-based apps like Minecraft can offer you new possibilities for distance learning

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#BuiltwithBits video tutorials

How to create virtual spaces on Mozilla Hubs