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My football trophy

At the last day of my football training I got a shiny soccer shoe because I tried my very best. It doesn’t really smell like anything. When I got it was ice cold and it was as special as an old fossil. It looks like a mini football shoe. It is very shiny and has a glistening gold sign on the side. It has travelled from Russia to the Netherlands with me, I keep it safe.

When I look at my mini golden shoe it reminds me of my old, football teammates that were in my team in Russia. It also reminds me of my old fantastic school when I feel it. In the future I want to be a footballer because I train with my brother. My brother helps me train because he is ten and I am eight. He is a good goalkeeper and I am a striker so I can shoot at the goal with my brother trying to save it.


This story was contributed by a pupil of The British School in The Netherlands.

CC BY-SA (tiftaħ fit-tieqa l-ġdida)

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