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Peddling health in the 20th Century

From the very start of the 20th century, nutrition was considered as essential to well-being as physical exercise.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Explore this gallery of people exercising: mental well-being is often connected to regular physical exercise!

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Being pampered by the pool

Spas and wellness resorts in the 20th Century

Tinklaraščio įrašai
Wellness revolution: body culture

‘wellness’ as it’s been known since the 1950s – has been at the pinnacle of human aspirations for many centuries.

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Culture Cure

Cooperative learning, Cultural awareness and expression - Secondary Education, VET & Adult Education, Non-formal

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Mentalizing, the inside story

CLIL, D&I, Well-being, PBL, STEAM - Primary education, Lower Secondary Education, Non-formal

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LIFT the LID on Mental Health

English, History, Philosophy - Adult education

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Teenagers' Emotional Intelligence

Art, English - Lower secondary

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A Window into the Minds of Others

English - Secondary school

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Creative Writing Using Van Gogh

Art, English, History - Lower secondary, Primary school

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Food Tests

STEAM - Lower and Upper Secondary

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Our Sport Heritage

English, History - Primary school

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Our Healthy Life

English, Language - Secondary school

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Healthy Choices

English, STEAM - Primary school