Non-formal education

Learning scenarios for non-formal education

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Vasarely: Forms and colors

Art, Cultural awareness and expression, Game Based Learning - Early childhood & Primary education, Non-formal

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Mentalizing, the inside story

CLIL, D&I, Well-being, PBL, STEAM - Primary education, Lower Secondary Education, Non-formal

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From merchants to capitalism

Citizenship, Digital literacy, Entrepreneurship, Environment, History, IBSE - Non-formal, Upper Secondary Education

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Culture Cure

Cooperative learning, Cultural awareness and expression - Secondary Education, VET & Adult Education, Non-formal

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Optical Illusions: Is It Or Not?

Art, Cultural awareness and expression, D&I, Non-formal - Primary education, Secondary Education

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Upgrading Your Collection

Art, Cultural awareness and expression, Group dynamics, - Secondary Education, Non-formal, Online, STEM skills

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A virtual animal world of colors

Citizenship, Digital literacy, D&I, Entrepreneurship, History, IBL, Non-formal PBL- Secondary, Special-need, STEAM

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We are all different yet the same

Citizenship, Cultural awareness and expression, D&I, External visit, Gamification, History - Lower Secondary, Non-formal

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