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Wiederherstellung der Ordnung in Finnland

Finnish White Guard and German Troops Restore Order in Finland

1. Intertitle: White Guards on the way to the front. Image: White Guards on the march to the front. 2. Intertitle: White Guards salute German troops advancing to the front. Image: White Guards (with white armbands) wave at German soldiers passing them. 3. Intertitle: Camp of the White Guards. Image: The White Guard's field camp; distribution of food at the field kitchen. 4. Intertitle: Female White Guards. Image: Three Finnish women as White Guards. 5. Intertitle: Armoured train of the 2nd Engineers ready to be deployed. Image: Railway engineers from the 2nd engineers' battalion get aboard their armoured train. 6. Intertitle: On the journey to the front. Image: The armoured train sets off; on the journey to the front, filmed from the mortar wagon behind the locomotive. 7. Intertitle: The train reaches the site of a blast on the track. Image: Stopping at a blasting site on the track. 8. Intertitle: An engineer is shot at by the enemy while measuring the blasting site. Image: Engineer goes into cover position while measuring the blasting site. 9. Intertitle: A patrol searches the forest near the train. Image: Patrol secures the railway embankment. 10. Intertitle: The rails are immediately repaired. Image: Repairing the site of damage on the track, 11. Intertitle: The patrol brings two captured Red Guards. Image: Patrol brings in two captured Red Guard soldiers (in civilian clothes), they are searched for weapons. 12. Intertitle: Red Guard attack. Image: Defence against a Red Guard attack. 13. Intertitle: The journey continues. Image: Engineers return to the armoured train.