Tyrinėti mūsų galerijas

In this gallery, we explore the colour blue - the colour of the sea, the sky, sorrow and safety. Want to #ColourOurCollections? Check out our colouring books.

Good and Evil in Byzantine Art

Byzantine art often depicts the polarities of good and evil, based on religious and other popular beliefs. This gallery explores such manifestations and their afterlife in mainstream religious symbols and less conventional imagery.

Disabilities in art

This gallery features depictions of disabilities in artworks across centuries, reflecting the diverse lives, experiences and treatment of people with disabilities. Gallery curated with #DisabilityHistory twitter community

Depictions of the Virgin in Byzantine art

The gallery shows a selection of images dedicated to the Virgin Mary, depicted in paintings, mosaics and sculptures of Byzantine art.

Board games

Playing board games with friends and family has been popular for centuries. This gallery shows a variety of board games from across Europe, maybe inspiring you to fetch a games from your cupboard and start the fun!

Portraits of Emperor Justinian I

Justinian I reigned in the middle of the 6th century, considered a golden age of the Byzantine Empire. Mosaics, ivories and coins give us an idea of his appearance, personality, characteristics and of the power of iconography.

Playing Cards

Playing cards are not much more than cardboard rectangles with print, but we use and collect them to play, to learn and even predict the future. This gallery features playing cards from across Europe: small works of art and design throughout the ages.

O Christmas tree

Christmas trees, decorated with tinsels, baubles, lights, candles and more, are symbols of the holidays all across Europe. Enjoy this gallery of Christmas trees, and happy holidays to all from us at Europeana. Curated by Europeana Common Culture project…

Birds of the Byzantine

Bird symbols are omnipresent in Byzantine art. It is considered as an essential element in many decorations and art pieces of the era. Birds can be seen as animals whose interpretation was directly connected to a series of symbolic meanings.

Migration in artworks

Migration and art are intertwined, with migration inspiring artists as well as sometimes reflecting artists' own migration. This gallery shows depictions of migration and refugee experiences in artworks from across Europe.

The Office

Offices, familiar workplaces for many of us, have changed greatly, from our ways of working to technology. This gallery presents offices, as workplaces in progress. Curated by Europeana Common Culture project partners

Baptism and Baptisteries in the Byzantine Era

Early in the Christian Era, initiation into Christianity by baptism marked a significant turn in the life of an individual. This gallery gives a glimpse of the impressive architectural legacy and of the variety of structural and decorative baptisteries in…

Generating electricity and power

Water, coal, oil, nuclear or wind: for centuries, people have harnessed nature and science to generate energy and electricity for industrial power. This gallery present some of the ways we generate power across Europe. Curated by Europeana Common Cultur…

Pollution: an industrial legacy

Our shared industrial heritage hasn't only affected our economies and lives, but also our planet and landscapes, often negatively. This gallery explores pollution as a legacy of industrialisation across Europe.

In the factory

Modern industry invented the factory, where workers became cogs in a machine. This gallery brings together photographs of factories and workers from across Europe. Gallery curated by Europeana Common Culture project partners.

Strikes and industrial protests

Industrial heritage isn't just the story of firms, but the stories of workers and their experiences. This gallery shows images from across Europe of when workers have gone on strike and fought for their rights and freedoms. Curated by Europeana Comm…

Children at work: images of child labour

For centuries, children across Europe and beyond have been made to work in domestic and industrial settings, often exploited, mistreated and ignored. This gallery shows photographs and paintings of children working. Gallery curated by Europeana Common C…

Lighthouses across Europe

On coastlines all around Europe, lighthouses have guided sailors and ships to safety. This gallery of photographs shines a light on the architecture of lighthouses across the continent. Gallery curated by Europeana Common Culture project partners

Europe at work during World War One

During World War One, soldiers did not always fight - they also had other work to do. And, off course, at the home front and in countries not involved in the war business went on as usual - if possible.

The industry of making war: machinery

This gallery presents some of impressive machinery used at or behind the Austro-Hungarian front in World War I