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The French Riviera

Explore the beautiful towns and coastlines of the Côte d'Azur through paintings, drawings and photographs of the south of France.

Views of Venice

Paintings, photographs and drawing depicting Venice, a city of canals which has attracted artists and visitors for centuries.

Paris, city of art

The beauty of Paris has inspired artists for centuries.


Explore the port city of Rotterdam, a vibrant city of modern architecture


Formerly Byzantium and Constantinople, Istanbul is a city crossing two continents


Explore Rome, the Eternal City, in art and architecture

Views of Vienna

Explore the architecture and culture of Vienna, the capital city of Austria


Explore the landscapes, art and architecture of Iceland


Explore art and architecture of Berlin

Travelling in style

The growing popularity of long-distance travel in the 20th century created a flourishing market for luxury luggage, first-class fashions, and stylish accessories. Gallery curated by Europeana XX project partners

Olympic Games posters and graphic design

Visual identities of past summer and winter Olympic Games

Amulets from around the world

Amulets, or good luck charms, are believed to confer protection upon their owners.

European Capitals of Culture

Since 1985, more than 60 cities across Europe have held the European Capital of Culture title.

Castles and palaces

Explore historic and stately buildings from around Europe

National Parks of Europe

National Parks are places where nature is preserved, where human's influence is kept in check to protect biodiversity. If you're looking for a place to escape, explore these national parks from around Europe depicted in Europeana.

Masks and head coverings

Around the world, masks are used for protection, ceremony, tradition and fashion.


Pack your sleeping bag and grab your s’mores: summertime is here, and with it the perfect season for camping out! Get inspired by these holiday pics for your own outdoors adventures. Gallery co-curated by Europeana XX project partners

Stone in Religion and Faiths

The stone, heavy and impregnable, has always amazed people with its stability. Historically, it has been used extensively to give meaning to ancient religions and faiths − in burials, carved into sculptures of gods and goddesses, as sacrificial offerings …

Scouts and girl guides

When he founded the scouts in 1908, Sir Baden-Powell laid the foundations of a global youth movement. Flaunt your badges and tie that neckerchief for a special salute! Gallery curated by Europeana XX project partners.

Sanctuaries and ritual practices of the Iberians

Funerary monuments, sanctuaries, sculptures and exvotes are part of an exceptional archaeological heritage that makes Iberians one of the main cultures of the western Mediterranean during the Iron Age.