Textiles in the pre-Columbian Peru

Textiles were naturally used for clothing as well as for decorating the walls of some houses but were, above all, a valuable commodity. Considered important assets, signs of financial affluence, they were greatly prized as gifts in diplomatic exchange and for religious offerings.

måleri, arkeologiskt fragment, archaeological fragment
väv, arkeologiskt fragment
Clothing fragment
Textile fragment with mythical figure
Textile fragment with geometrical decoration
Embroidered textile with stylised birds and fringes at both sides
Spindle and spindle whorl
arkeologiskt fragment, bård, fragment
Large piece of painted fabric
Textile fragment featuring an anthropomorphic figure
Textile fragment with stylised birds
Loincloth decorated wit geometrical pattern and fringes
Headdress of a dignitary
Panel decorated with blue and yellow feathers
Textile fragment with birds
väv, fragment, arkeologiskt fragment
väv, arkeologiskt fragment, fragment
Four-pointed hat
mantel, Göteborgssamlingen, väv: broderad, [email protected], [email protected]
Gewebefragment einer gewirkten Tasche (Südamerika, präkolumbianisch)
Textile fragment (manto)