Rice cultivation in China

Did you know that China produces almost a third of the world’s rice? As different types of rice crops are planted and harvested throughout the year, cultivating rice is a continuous and labour intensive job.

This gallery was curated by the PAGODE project

Tao cjung, ris, kulturväxt
Agriculture: a Chinese rice plantation.
Agriculture: preparing rice paddies in China with an ox-drawn plough. Engraving by J. June…
Dish with Chinese farmers engaged in rice cultivation
A Chinese official weighing out the rice to give to prisoners
江南春早 Tidligt forår i Jiangnan
Drie figuren die rijst bewerken en een Chinees eettafereel
plaque de verre ; Chongqing. Sur la rive droite du Yangzi, en amont de Wanxian, rizières
Vier Personen beim Sieben des Reises
rice ladle (ladle (food processing & storage))
tirage photographique ; Sichuan. Hejiang, rizières au-dessus de la ville
Aratura di risaia nell'Junnan.
阿细新歌 Ny sang af Ai Xi
机器插秧好 Maskinen planter risspirerne godt
jordbruk, ris, fotografi, [email protected]
tirage photographique ; Chongqing. Zhongbeishatuo, rizières
fotografi, [email protected]
straining spoon; rice strainer (strainer (food processing & storage))
Foreign Colonies in London
plaque de verre ; Chongqing. Laojundong, rizières
Chinese Materia Dietetica, Ming: Steamer-vapour water