Dragons in myth and science

In Europe and the Middle East the dragon was a legendary creature of evil. Noble knights could slay them, holy saints could tame them. But are the dragons of myth based on reality?

Vessel in the form of a dragon
Apparition of Michael and the Miracle of Mount Gargano from BL Add 35254B
St. George on horseback fighting the dragon; the princess nearby with a dog(?); the king a…
The dragon with seven heads
Saint George Slaying the Dragon
Heilige Margareta van Antiochië met draak
Dragon from BL Arundel 66, f. 33v
Een exemplaar van Draco volans Linnaeus 1758 in alcohol.
Göran och draken
Draco (dragon)
tattoo from "Japan: its history, traditions, and religions. With the narrative of a visit …
Een exemplaar van Draco volans Linnaeus 1758.
St. Margaret of Antioch emerging from the dragon and holding a cross; God the Father and H…
A dragon
Draco (dragon)
Cornet à bouquin ténor
Titel saknas (flygande drake)
rock, dräkt, garb, costume, garment
Saucer-dish with pearl chasing dragons against a green ground
- Föremål -, Pendant
Ovoid vase with two pearl chasing dragons
Sigill, Skriv/Måleriverktyg
Vas, Husgeråd, Vase
Teapot with powder blue and pearl chasing dragons in gold
Ovoid jar with a feng huang and a dragon
Flower pot with two pearl chasing dragons and two carps
Square wine ewer with coiling dragon as spout and handle
Door handles