Art Nouveau in Danube Region

Art Nouveau movement spread to the Danube region from the Western European countries at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Decorations and technical advances in architecture, interior, and graphic design, scenography, music, and fashion are admired to this day.

Inv. Marcellus Kammerer, Wien
Design for Ornamental Motifs in Hungarian Style by István Gróh and His Pupils (Imre Farkas…
Cooperative Bank, Ljubljana
Cooperative Bank, Ljubljana, Interior wall decoration
Sokol Gymnastic Society's Hall, Ljubljana, Decorated balcony
Hotel Union, Ljubljana, Lamp on stairs
House on Prešeren Square 1
Hribar House, Ljubljana, Bow windows and lion heads on exterior
Čuden House, Ljubljana, Tower
Office Building on Beethovnova 2
Hauptamnn's House, Ljubljana, Decoration on exterior
Hotel Union, Ljubljana, Stained glass window
Inv. Erwin Puchinger, Wien
Велико Търново
Inv. Hans Mayr, Wien
Inv. Emil Hoppe, Wien
Der Kuss (Liebespaar)
Ausstellungshaus der Wiener Secession
Hungarian Ornamental Motifs. Design: Margit Beniczky
House on Prešernova 14
Store Urbanc
City Savings Bank of Ljubljana,Ceiling lamps
City Savings Bank of Ljubljana, Metal decorated fence
City Savings Bank of Ljubljana, Stained glass windows