Archaeological sites and artefacts from southeastern Romania

Filled with diverse archaeological traces, southeastern Romania is an exciting area to explore, on ground level or from an aerial perspective. The pictures cover a period of over 8,000 years of anthropic activities that have continuously shaped the landscapes of this unique area.

Monument; biserică ortodoxă. Ivănești (jud. IALOMIȚA)
Peisaj; lac;râu. (jud. GIURGIU)
Sit arheologic; așezare; tell. Sultana (jud. CĂLĂRAȘI)
3D model of a miniature sanctuary
Sit arheologic; lăcaș de cult;așezare. Pițigaia (jud. CĂLĂRAȘI)
Peisaj; lac. Sărulești (jud. CĂLĂRAȘI)
Sit arheologic; așezare. Vitanesti (jud. TELEORMAN)
3D Model of a Mermaid type vessel
Sit arheologic; tell. Măgura (jud. TELEORMAN)
Monument; mănăstire. (jud. ILFOV)
Photo of a Funerary stela
Sit arheologic; necropolă;val de pământ;fortificație. (jud. CONSTANȚA)
Sit arheologic; movilă. (jud. IALOMIȚA)
3D model of a ceramic vessel with two zoomorphic figurines
Sit arheologic; așezare. (jud. IALOMIȚA)
Sit arheologic; așezare. Copuzu (jud. IALOMIȚA)
Peisaj; epavă;faleză. Costinești (jud. CONSTANȚA)
Photo of a Thracian Rider applique
Peisaj; luncă. (jud. GIURGIU)
Monument; biserică. Măgureni (jud. CĂLĂRAȘI)
Monument; conac. Urlați (jud. PRAHOVA)
Photo of an anthropomorphic Figurine
Sit arheologic; tell. Săndulița (jud. CĂLĂRAȘI)
Sit arheologic; val de pământ. (jud. TELEORMAN)
Photo of Dionysos
Sit arheologic; așezare. Purani (jud. TELEORMAN)
Sit arheologic; cetate. Murighiol (jud. TULCEA)
Sit arheologic; cetate. Turcoaia (jud. TULCEA)
Sit arheologic; cetate. Garvăn (jud. TULCEA)
3D model of an anthropomorphic statuette with pot on the head
Sit arheologic; așezare. Măgureni (jud. CĂLĂRAȘI)
3D model of the Goddess of Sultana
Peisaj;sit arheologic; câmp;pădure;movilă. (jud. CĂLĂRAȘI)
Peisaj; luncă. Radu Negru (jud. CĂLĂRAȘI)
Sit arheologic; așezare. (jud. IALOMIȚA)