Ancient boats and navigation

Marine archaeology studies the human interaction with oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. Boats were used since ancient times as means of transport for men and goods and for war purposes.

illustration from "[The History of Egypt from the earliest times till the conquest by the …
Skrivet på baksidan: TRIREME ett gälarfartyg
L'Aquila: Museo Archeologico. Rilievo del fianco di una trireme
Skrivet på baksidan: Trireme
Bologna: Museo Civico. Bireme etrusca sulla stele di Vele Caiena, della necropoli di Felsi…
Roma, Musei Vaticani, Bireme romana del I sec. a.C. (Bassorilievo proveniente da Palestrin…
[Dibujos procedentes de la columna de Trajano] [Material gráfico]
Aquileia. Museo Archeologico Nazionale: Metope con raffigurazione di una nave romana
Restitution d'une grande pirogue découverte à Austruweel
Lago di Nemi
Nave di Fiumicino (fototeca Unione n° 11050)
[email protected], [email protected], Ushebti box [email protected], Figur, Lock till ushebtilåda, Shabti
[email protected], Artist's [email protected], Ostrakon, Konstnärs-skiss
Artist's [email protected], [email protected], Konstnärs-skiss, Ostrakon
skepp, båtar, knarr [ev.]
Trade ship carrying Frankincence trees and merchandise.
Maquette de bateau viking
Fragment de cratère de style géométrique
Lampe romaine en forme de bateau
Bateau avec 20 figures
Bootsmodell aus dem Grab des Mentuhotep
Image from page 8 of The Half Hour Library of Travel, Nature and Science for young readers
Bremer Kogge