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Priča o Živojinu

The story about Zivojin

The story about the acquaintance of the film author with the tireless 91-year-old Zivojin Lazic and his patriotic campaigns on the battlefields throughout Yugoslavia. This time, grandpa Zivojin headed on the peace mission – to the barracks of the Yugoslav National Army in Valjevo, where he had first joined the military service of his country and from where he set off to war. That vigorous, lean man from Sumadija, with upright posture and sharp mind even in his 90 years of age, he was one of the last living heroes who inscribed the most beautiful pages of the stormy Serbian history in the last century. Brave and fearless in war and slightly naive and gullible in peacetime, Mitrovic`s hero turned into a living eulogy to the old-time Serbia and its peasant and soldier.