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Surfing & windsurfing

Explore these images and films of surfing and windsurfing from cultural heritage collections across Europe. Gallery curated for the Europeana Sport project

Art and sport

Explore this gallery showing how artists have been influenced by and portrayed sports and games.


Explore vintage photography, artworks and objects from the history of tennis


Drag performers play with gender expression, and ideas of masculinity and femininity. Explore these images of drag from cultural heritage collections across Europe.

Sculpture and sport

Explore these statues and sculptures inspired by sports, athletes and bodies in motion.

Football teams across Europe

Explore vintage photography of football teams across Europe. Curated for the Europeana Sport project

Buddhist heritage

Discover in this gallery the symbols, the texts, the architecture and the traditions of Buddhism around the World.

Vintage films of sport championships

Explore these archive films of sporting championships and tournaments from across Europe. Gallery curated by Europeana Media project partners

Chinese influences, Western fashion

These material memories of fashion, furniture and craftsmanship demonstrate how motifs and objects from China took over the West, elegantly influencing its tastes and production. Gallery curated by EFHA for the PAGODE project

Mosques across Europe

This gallery of photographs, paintings and drawings of mosques - Islamic places of worship - across Europe.

Habima Theatre

Founded in Moscow, the Habima theatre company dreamed of a Jewish cultural renaissance through Hebrew. They moved to Tel Aviv in 1931 and became the national theatre in 1958. Today its iconic building at Habima Square is a cultural hotspot. Curated by XX …

Early 20th century sports portraits

In the early 20th century, people's passion for sport led to them having formal portrait photographs taken. Curated by Ajuntament de Girona for Europeana Sport

Having fun with Space

Dress up like an astronaut, make space shuttle chocolates, build your own rocket or send a Smurf to Mars! Space traveling is cutting-edge science but can also be serious fun. This gallery is bound to leave you smiling. Curated by XX Partners

Masterpieces of world literature

In this gallery, discover full texts of masterpieces of world literature on Europeana - from medieval manuscripts to contemporary books.

Cherry blossoms

Beloved in Japan, and found in many countries across Europe, the cherry tree welcomes spring with its bright and beautiful blossoms

Vänern, Sweden's largest lake

Vänern in Sweden is the largest lake in the European Union. This gallery of photographs and objects explores the lake and region's cultural and social heritage.

Female archaeologists

From the early days of archaeology, women have made significant contributions, even though their participation in the field was often discouraged. Take a look at the gallery of famous and lesser-known female archaeologists.

Power suits

A woman wearing a suit is a political statement. In the 1970s and 1980s, power suits and other attire became a way for women to establish their authority in a male-dominated world. Curated by Europeana XX project partners.

Female authors

Portraits of poets, authors, journalists and writers from across Europe.

Pioneering women photographers

Photographs by pioneering women photographers from across Europe