The Bible and its Books

The Bible is not so much one book, as it's a collection of texts, written in different eras and by different people. In the Middle Ages, its books were often copied and read apart, e.g. the Psalter, the Gospels.

Curated by Eva De Cooman for ARMA

Last Supper from BL Royal 18 D VIII, f. 163v
Boekfragment "Blad uit een middeleeuwse bijbel" handschrift op perkament
Bijbel "Hieronymusbijbel" handschrift op perkament, circa 1230, Frankrijk
Christ before Pilate
Death of Solomon
Last Supper: Christ washes the feet of the apostles
The battle of the Maccabees against Lysias
God commands Noah and his wife to embark
Moses comes down with the new tables of law
The Creation: birds and fishes
Christ healing a leper
The arrest of Christ: the kiss of Judas; Malchus is healed by Christ; St. Peter denies Chr…
Bern, Burgerbibliothek, Cod. 28 : Bible du XIIIème siècle (Part 2: Proverbs – Apocalypse)
Porrentruy, Bibliothèque cantonale jurassienne, Ms. 6a : Biblia Sacra, pars prima
‘The Auct. Bible’ or ‘St. Hugh’s Bible’, vol. II.
Bible and Select Masses ('The de Brailes Bible').
Bible and Select Masses ('The de Brailes Bible').
‘The Auct. Bible’ or ‘St. Hugh’s Bible’, vol. I
Micah from BL Harley 2803, f. 274
Bible scenes and moralisations from BL Harley 1527, f. 36v
John from BL Harley 2804, f. 216v
Detail from BL Burn 3, f. 402
Peter from BL Royal 15 D I, f. 380
Old Testament (Genesis - Malachi).
Einsiedeln, Stiftsbibliothek, Codex 206(49) : Speculum humanae salvationis
St. Gallen, Kantonsbibliothek, Vadianische Sammlung, VadSlg Ms. 352/1-2 : Speculum humanae…
Harrowing of Hell: the liberation of the Old Testament saints
New Testament, lacking Revelation ('Codex Ebnerianus').
Illuminated initial from BL Eg 618, f. 74
Jerome in his study from BL Harley 2909, f. 156
Illuminated initial from BL Eg 617, f. 185
Creation from BL Harley 4772, f. 5
Genesis A (Old English verse)
Bestiary (known as 'The Ashmole Bestiary').
Jeremiah from BL Harley 2803, f. 226v
Isaiah at the sickbed of Hezekiah, who asks for a sign that God will heal him
Christ from BL Harley 1527, f. 23
Petrus Aureoli from BL Royal 8 G III, f. 2
Decorated frontispiece from BL Add 27167, f. 148v
Offerings from BL Royal 18 D IX, f. 173
Introduction of the Mishneh Torah from BL Harley 5698, f. 12
Moses writing the Book of Deuteronomy
Moses from BL Royal 3 E II, f. 79v
The judgement of Solomon: Solomon gives verdict; he commands a soldier to divide the livin…