Olympic torches and relays

First held in 1928, Olympic torch relays have visited 30 different countries across Europe.

King opens 14th Olymppiad 1948. John Mark 22 years old medical student of St.Mary's Hospit…
Olympic Games 2000 Torch Relay
Paavo Nurmi sytyttää olympiatulen Helsingissä
Persfoto Olympische Zomerspelen 1928 Amsterdam, 731 proefbranden met Olympische vlam bij m…
Mount Olympus Greece: the first of the many passins of Olympic torch from one runner to th…
Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony for the 20th Olympic Games of Munich. Torch relay.
Olympic Torches
Olympic Games 2000 Torch Relay
King Georgios II and Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas entering the Panathenaic Stadium to …
Torch Rome 1960
Olympic flame on two thousand
Olympic Games 2000 Torch Relay
Torch London 1948
Finlandia-katsaus 183
Torch Moscow 1980
Torch Los Angeles 1984
Vieglatlēts P. Kairo
Olympic Games 2000 Torch Relay
Olympic Games 2000 Torch Relay
Torch Mexico 1968
Olympic Torches
Inauguración quinta olimpiada deportiva: equipos, banderas, antorcha y emblema
Helsingin olympialaiset 1952. Paavo Nurmi sytyttää olympiatulen Olympiastadionilla avajai…
Torch of Athens 2004
Olympic Games 2000 Torch Relay
Olympic Games 2000 Torch Relay
Olympic Torches
Torch Seoul 1988
Torch Atlanta 1996
Il Presidente Ciampi consegna la Torcia olimpica al 1°tedoforo Stefano Baldini. A destra n…
Olympic Torches
Olympic Torches
Olympic Torches
Olympic Torches
Olympiska elden anländer till Skara 1956. Skararyttaren Bertil Holmqvist mottager elden på…
Torch London 2012
Toorts Olympische spelen Londen 2012
1952 Winter Olympic Games
Uniform (sports clothing)
Olympic flame
Circles of Victory
Olympic Games 2000 Torch Relay
Ο Τζον Μαρκ (John Mark) (16 Αυγούστου του 1925 - 8 Δεκεμβρίου
Winter Olympics 1976
Olympia to Greece: athlete who will carry the Olympic Torch on the first stage of its jour…
Finlandia-katsaus 170
Toorts van de Olympische Spelen van 1948 in Londen
Pak, tweedelig: vest en broek, van fakkeldrager Erik Bauwens voor Olympische spelen 2012 L…
Olympic Torch Relay
olympiasoihtu Sääksmäellä
olympiatulta kannetaan Pallastunturilla matkalla Helsingin Olympialaisiin
Llegada de la llama Olímpica a Madrid
Oslo Ø utsmykket under de olympiske leker i 1952 - den olympiske ild på Jernbanetorvet
Il Presidente Ciampi accende la Torcia Olimpica.
Nagano olümpiatuli
Olympic Games 2000
Olympic flame
Braderie. Tijdens de opening door burgemeester Loeff. Branden van de olympische fakkel.
Olympische Sommerspiele 1936