Migration in artworks

Migration and art are intertwined, with migration inspiring artists as well as sometimes reflecting artists' own migration. This gallery shows depictions of migration and refugee experiences in artworks from across Europe.

Majerník, Cyprián

Slovak national gallery

Stredoeurópsky maliar z konca 18. storočia

Slovak national gallery

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Johan Christian Berger

Nationalmuseum Sweden

Ekwall, Knut

National Maritime Museum


Majerník, Cyprián

Slovak national gallery

Steinlen, Théophile Alexandre (1859-1923)

National Institute for Art History Library

Steinlen, Théophile Alexandre (1859-1923). Lithographe

National Library of France

Central Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The Lithuanian National Museum of Art

Latvian National Museum of Art

Honoré Daumier

Nationalmuseum Sweden

Csanádi András

Munkácsy Mihály Museum

Hungarian National Museum

Pierre Alechinsky (Bruxelles 1927) [fre]; Pierre Alechinsky (Brussel 1927) [dut]

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

National Heritage Institute, Bucharest