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Istražite ovu galeriju koja pokazuje kako su sportovi i igre utjecali na umjetnike te kako su ih prikazivali.

Pismenost žena tijekom srednjeg vijeka bila je iznenađujuće visoka. Redovnice su bile pisci i pisari. Mnoge su druge žene poticale na čitanje i učenje, osobito plemićke žene. Jedan od primjera bila je Christine de Pizan, pjesnikinja na dvoru francuskog kr…

The Cathedral of San Martino is in Romanesque Gothic style, with a polychrome marble facade. Founded in the 6th century by San Frediano, a bishop of Irish origin, San Martino became a bishopric from the 8th century in place of the ancient church of Santi …

On the border between the macabre and the curious, the interest in gloomy places gives rise to relevant phenomena, such as 'necrotourism' for example. It can be included in the broader phenomenon of dark tourism, which leads visitors to discover u…

Konji su se kroz povijest pojavljivali u umjetničkim djelima, odražavajući njihovu blisku povezanost s ljudima. Ova galerija prikazuje slike, skice i skulpture konja u umjetnosti.

This gallery of photographs, paintings and drawings of mosques - Islamic places of worship - across Europe.

Istražite ovu galeriju crteža i slika impresionističkog umjetnika Pierre-Augustea Renoira.

Temnopolti ljudje so bili v evropski umetnosti upodabljani že stoletja - pogosto eksotizirani, podjarmljeni in minorizirani - kar odraža, da so te upodobitve ustvarili beli umetniki. ### Opozorilo glede vsebine: nekateri opisi ljudi na teh umetninah so za…

These photos explore skiing, which developed to a competitive sport and leisure past-time in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The rabbit is a popular symbol in many cultures around the world. Rabbits might symbolise luck, fertility and renewal but also longevity and peace.

The dog was the first species to be domesticated and has accompanied humans for centuries performing many roles, eg. protecting, herding, hunting. This is a collection of artworks featuring 'man's best friend'.

Visuals inspired by the film-making style of wonderful Wes Anderson

In this gallery, we explore the colour blue - the colour of the sea, the sky, sorrow and safety.

In the 80s of the 20th century, after the end of the Franco dictatorship, a counterculture emerged in Spain that found its main communication vehicles in magazines, fan theatres and musical groups. The most playful and internationally known manifestation …

To create my collection on the theme of the amusement park, I drew on international archives. The collection includes 11 items that provide insight into the terms "amusement park" and "fairground". Hoping to help amusement park fans.

Here are some scenes in paintings, photographs, drawings and more of how people across Europe and the world celebrate and enjoy life when the weather gets colder.

Christmas markets are street markets associated with the celebration of Christmas during the four weeks of Advent. They originated in Germany, but are now held in many other countries.

When the temperature drops it's time to hit the slopes or the ice rink. Strap on your snowshoes, skis or skates and see how winter sports were enjoyed in the past with these vintage photos and historical paintings from across Europe.

Explore this gallery of paintings, drawings and photography of mountains and highlands across Europe.

Coats, scarves, furs, capes: a collection of cool styles for cold weather.