Still a Working Title?

Camionneuse vous avez dit?

Marilou Liotet

In her series showcasing a female truck driver, the French photographer Marilou Liotet not only looks at working conditions in the EU, but she does so through the perspective of what it is like to be a woman in a male-dominated world.

Shot on the never-ending roads of France in 2018, Marilou Liotet tackles the personality of a strong young and independent woman, Justine, who overturns the clichés of a predominantly male world. Her series embodies the values of gender equality and equal opportunities at work that the European Pillar of Social Rights stands for.

For several years now, Justine has given up on working in a 9-to-5 office job and has been travelling alone on board her 44-ton giant on the asphalt roads of France, where she lives five days a week in her 8m2 cabin. Organising, preparing and controlling the vehicle, driving more than 3,000 kilometres per week, being on time, managing the loading and unloading of goods, carrying heavy loads, taking care of administrative documents is Justine's daily routine, which also makes her an essential link in the industry's supply chain. Marilou Liotet followed Justine on the road for a week to immerse herself in her daily life as a female truck driver and in her ’JUJU’ – the name Justine gives her truck.

She portrays a courageous and exceptional person who made her appreciate and feel compelled to depict the difficulty of this profession, including its joys and worries.

About the artist:

The work of Marilou Liotet focuses mainly on the human condition, individual freedom, and the human experience of living in society. These lead to personal or collective reflections.

Liotet started photography at the young age of 15 and, after a professional baccalaureate, she pursued her studies in photography in Paris for four years. Her personal values, her curiosity, her sensitivity to individual stories, as well as her appreciation for colour and light, motivate her in her daily work as a photographer. She recently took home the 2019 Paris Match Grand Prix for Student Photo reporting.

Justine is riding her heavyweight truck whilst eating a cheese and ham sandwich. It is the only thing she will have for lunch.

Justine closes the huge back door of the 44 tons truck trailer after unloading it.

The truck is stationed at an industrial warehouse, Justine is opening the hood of the giant truck trailer so that the workers can load it from above.

Sunset on a heavyweight truck rest area.

Justine in the bathroom of a gas station which will be her own bathroom for a short while.

Truck trailer being prepared for unloading. Justine is lost in thoughts, the act becomes automatic.

Justine’s clothes soaked during an unloading.

‘JUJU’ truck is parked to prepare for the loading of material from the sorting plant.