Still a Working Title?


Laura Ben Hayoun

Laura Ben Hayoun’s work reflects the changes of the employment landscape over the years. In Deliver, her unique images highlight the precariousness of employment which often falsely takes the appearance of freedom.

In this series Ben Hayoun used her smartphone to picture ‘riders’ on their nightly journeys. The gestures and uniforms of the riders, in their own unique way, are an example of contemporary Taylorism, a situation where every single minute counts. At the same time, these repeated journeys are accompanied by the bustling flows of new technologies.

These new forms of employment have grown over the past five years, responding to an ever-increasing appetite for the ‘on-demand’ services delivered by these employees. The European Pillar of Social Rights seeks to protect all workers, regardless of the type and duration of their employment, through the right to fair working conditions and to adequate social protection.

About the artist:

Laura Ben Hayoun was born in 1984 in Valence, France. She lives and works in Paris. After completing her studies in visual anthropology, she pursued an MA in Documentary Film, as well as an MA in Photography and Contemporary art. Her mixed media, photography, videos, textiles, drawings and installations explore the tension between places, borders and migration through personal stories which are treated as echoes of history. Laura Ben Hayoun recently exhibited in London (Tate Modern, Source Spotlight), Paris (Festival Circulations, Rencontres du 10eme arrondissement, Mois de la photo), Nice (Festival de la photographie méditerranéenne) and Spain (Outono Fotografico).