De Dada au surréalisme



This virtual exhibition was made possible by the kind permission of:

The National Museum of Art Romania, Bucharest
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Centre Pompidou, Paris
Institute of Eco-Museal Research Tulcea
Collection Vladimir Pană, Bucharest
Monique Yaari

Research and texts
Radu Stern, Edward van Voolen, Mijke Derksen

Pas op voor Dada - Joodse avant-garde kunstenaars uit Roemenië / Beware of Dada - Jewish Avant-Garde Artists from Romania

A film by: Marjoleine Boonstra, Lies Janssen
Production: René Mendel, Interakt
Made possible in part by: Joodse Omroep
The Prodan Romanian Cultural Foundation, London

All story texts in the exhibition are CC BY-SA. Images credited seperately.