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Scouts and girl guides

When he founded the scouts in 1908, Sir Baden-Powell laid the foundations of a global youth movement. Flaunt your badges and tie that neckerchief for a special salute! Gallery curated by Europeana XX project partners.

Sanctuaries and ritual practices of the Iberians

Funerary monuments, sanctuaries, sculptures and exvotes are part of an exceptional archaeological heritage that makes Iberians one of the main cultures of the western Mediterranean during the Iron Age.


The caravan: a home away from home. Since the early 20th century, campers have provided the perfect solution to outbound homebirds looking for holiday ambiance in a familiar setting. Gallery curated by Europeana XX project partners #CenturyOfChange

Papyrus - paper of antiquity

Papyrus is the handmade paper of antiquity – the texts provide information about religion, mythology, bureaucracy, and jurisdiction. Take a look at the magnificent papyri, see what was used as scratch paper and what the Egyptian scribes needed for their p…

Postcards from Europe

Picture postcard views of locations around Europe: some beautiful, some mundane, but all fascinating.


Midsummer is celebrated each June across Europe, marking the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

Black musicians who changed music forever

Explore a gallery with some of the most influential Black musicians that made history.

Utopians and dystopians of all time

Utopia was first coined by the English philosopher and lawyer Sir Thomas More. But is utopia the best possible place or possible at all? Read more in our blog

You've Got Mail

When you’re away from loved ones, there’s nothing like sending or receiving a hand-written note. Since the 19th century, you don’t even need an envelope for your greetings, wishes or kisses: a simple postcard will do. Gallery curated by Europeana Common …

Pride: parades and protests

Pride parades are a celebration of queerness, a protest against normativity, and a cry for equal rights. Explore Europe's pride parades and protests in these photographs of Pride in Europeana.

Hairdressers, barbers and hairstyles

Enjoy this gallery of vintage and modern hairdressers and barbers - and maybe find some style inspiration for your next hairstyle.

Bees and beekeeping

Bees are invaluable to our ecosystem, and have been kept by humans for tens of thousands of years. Explore the world of bees and beekeeping with these images from Europeana.

Trees in Art

From calming to chilling and great forests to solitary trunks, explore these artworks which depict trees in urban and rural landscapes. Part of Urban Tree Festival

Performers from the Eurovision Song Contest

Singers and musicians from the 65 years of the Eurovision Song Contest, as found in the collections of Europe's museums, galleries, libraries and archives.

Four-leaf clover

Believed to possess medicinal powers since the 17th century, the four-leaf clover became a good luck charm in Victorian times. These rare, green plants are a much-coveted gift and a symbol often used in brand logos. Gallery curated by Europeana Common Cul…

The Great Indoors

In kitchens, bedrooms, studios and more, artists across Europe have been inspired by domestic scenes and settings. Gallery curated by Europeana Common Culture project partners

Heroes of medicine

Inventions and innovations in all aspects of life made the 20th century a true century of change. As a tribute to healthcare workers keeping us safe and healthy, we created this gallery of gamechangers in recent medicine history. Gallery curated by Europe…


Endpapers are the first sheets of paper you encounter when you open a book, literally holding the book together. Find out more about endpapers in our blog.

Playing Games

One of the best ways to pass the time is by playing games, by yourself or with friends! Games like chess, checkers, card games and board games are great to play when you're stuck inside. Discover historical games and the people who played them in this…

Spring flowers

This gallery features the blooms and blossoms of all sorts of flowers in paintings, fashion, design, and photographs. Find your favourite depictions of tulips, roses, hydrangeas, bluebells, lavender, cherry blossoms, poppies, sunflowers, and more.