Throughout history, mosaic art has been an expression of aesthetics, spirituality and luxury. Here are inspirational Greek, Roman and Christian mosaics that have brought art and color to the walls and floors of palaces, theatres, churches, public buildings, villas and baths.

Mozaïek met voorstelling Raphaël
The judgement of Paris. Mosaic of los Amores, Castulo (Linares, Spain)
Basilica of Agios Demetrios, Thessaloniki, Greece
Mosaic floor with floral motifs, Royal palace of Aigai, Vergina, 1992
Basilica of Agios Demetrios, Thessaloniki, Greece
The 'Orpheus Mosaic', Littlecote Roman villa
Paphos theatre, view of mosaic
pink and red tesserae thinner and made of terracotta mosaic fragment
Thessaloniki, St. George Rotunda, apse mosaic
Overzicht kruisberg / calvarieberg, met moziëkvoorstelling
Roman mosaic from Bignor, West Sussex
A Mosaic Floor with Xenia at ‘En Yaʻal (Nahal Refa’im), Jerusalem (Hebrew, pp.…
Roman villa at Haceby, Lincolnshire
A Mosaic Floor in the Church of Bishop Johannes at Horbat Barqa, Gan Yavne (Hebrew, pp. 89…
Roman mosaic from Bignor, West Sussex
Detail van de mozaïek van het laatste Avondmaal in de rondboogvormige loggia in de voorgev…
Selene and Endymion Mosaic of Los Amores, Cástulo (Linares, Spain)
Mosaic of Los Amores of Cástulo (Linares, Spain)
Mosaic in the Church of Daphni 11th century
Rasponi Crypt: mosaic from San Severo
Roma: mosaico di Ciriaca
Hagia Sophia, mosaic of the Virgin and the Child between Emperor John II Komnenos and his …
Mosaic floor.
Tile Mosaic Fragment
Mosaic floor.
Greece, Nikopolis Archaeological Museum, pedestal covered with a Christian mosaic
Parenzo (Jugoslavia). Basilica Eufrasiana: Mosaic del pavimento del più antico oratorio a …
Mosaic floor, Bardo National Museum, Tunisia,
Mosaic Pavement. Detail (from Great Palace) Mosaic Museum, Istanbul/Pavimento in mosaico, …
Delos. Mosaic floor with urn
Mosaic floor of the north room of the so-called House of the Tritons/House of the Trident …
Bacchus, Roman God of wine, mosaic pavement, Roman