Hermits wilfully isolate themselves from the rest of the world, being the champions of social distancing avant la lettre. Find out how hermits and cloistered living were depicted in painting, drawing, and more.

St Paul the Hermit
S. Barrett, a hermit. Stipple engraving by C. Doyle, 1807.
Saint Paul the Hermit being fed by a raven. Oil painting by a Spanish painter.
Saint Paul the Hermit and Saint Antony the Great with other figures. Engraving.
A hermit in devotion before the Cross, turning his back on children with instruments of ar…
A woman getting advice from a hermit sitting under a tree. Gouache painting by an Indian p…
A hermit (St. Jerome?) reclining by a rock in a landscape with an angel blowing a trumpet …
John Bigg, an eccentric hermit. Line engraving by Wilkes.
A hermit in meditation: St. Jerome (?). Wood engraving by Luke Clennell.
A pilgrim discovers a hermit at night who kneels in prayer before the Cross. Etching.
Lewd hermit from BL YT 13, f. 177
Hermit on a leash from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 134
Man bringing a letter to a hermit from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 136
Gamelbert von Michaelsbuch
Johannes Bonus
Mucius von Konstantinopel
Nikolaus ...
St. Blaise as hermit
A hermit explains the Bible to visitors. Engraving by F. Engleheart after a painting by R.…
Winwaloe, Heiliger
Angelica Spied On by the Hermit
[Landscape with a hermit praying; Betender Eremit neben einer Hütte; Hl. Franziskus im Geb…
Bavo von Gent, Heiliger
John Bigg, an eccentric hermit. Etching, 1787.
Samuel Mathews, a hermit. Engraving by J. Greig, 1803, after G. Arnald.
Cave from "[The hermit.]"
A hermit at prayer. Stipple engraving by C. Straub after G. Dou.
Messene. Monk
the first Christian hermit from "Spain and its People. A record of recent travel. With his…
A Hermit
Anthony the Great from "De Aardbol. Magazijn van hedendaagsche land- en volkenkunde ... Me…
The Hermit
A Hermit Praying in a Ruin
A Hermit in a Ruin
Reading Hermit
Notre-Dame des Hermites : [estampe]
A Hermit
Vision of the hermit
Chinese woodcut, Famous medical figures: Portrait of Ge Hong
Christian from "The Wonders of The World in Nature and Art. Edited by H. Ince"
Legend of the hermit surrounded by devils in the shape of a bear, a lion and a leopard
painting (oil): ["Saint Jerome"]
A lohan
Religiöst måleri
Saint Rosalia