Fruits from China

We sliced up some of China’s most popular fruits into this colourful gallery.

Curated by PAGODE partners

No 1. Pompelmoes of Djerok Matjan en bloesem No 2 Ramboetan of haarvrucht
Gemeiner Bocksdorn (vom Bearbeiter vergebener Titel)
flora from "A Voyage to Cochin China, in the years 1792, and 1793: containing a general vi…
Chinese Materia Dietetica, Ming: Alcoholic beverages
Dish with a fruiting and blossoming peach trea and five bats
Saucer-dish with a flower basket and lichees
A chinese apple-like fruit known as Li zhi: three fruiting stems. Watercolour.
Nephelium lappaceum L.
Chinese Materia medica, C17: Plant drugs,
Ming herbal (painting): Gomuti sugar palm
The flat peach of China (Prunus persica cv.): fruiting branch, flowers and cut fruit. Colo…
Loquat fruits (vom Bearbeiter vergebener Titel)
A fruiting branch, possibly of a loquat (Eriobotyra species). Watercolour.
Odznak hodnosti úředníka - prázdný podklad
Durian (Durio zibethinus L.): flowering and fruiting branch, section of fruit and numbered…
Garcinia mangostana L.
A mangosteen plant (Garcinia mangostana): fruiting branch and halved fruit. Photograph.
box (containers); lid (containers); lid (containers)
Ming herbal (painting): Sappan tree
Lobed plate with fruit and flower sprays and ornamental borders
Saucer with ruby back, flower scrolls, fruit and butterfly
Katoenen altaarkleed door Oei Khing Liem met bloemenmandjes, tijgers en herten
A species of citrus fruit (Citrus sarcodactylis Hort. Bog.): flowering and fruiting branch…
Figure of a woman holding fruit
Ovoid vase with a European lady in a landscape and a European gentlemen in an interior
Chinese trader cutting produce. ink, 18th century
Een uit hout gesneden model van een vrouw op een krukje, gezeten voor een tafeltje waarop …
peddler from "Following the Flag. Jottings of a jaunt round the world ... With ... illustr…
A Peking costermonger selling fruit
Chinese sampan carrying a cargo of fruit and vegetables
Litchi chinensis