Chess is a board game with a long history. In this gallery, discover players, pieces and papers relating to chess from across Europe.

Schachspieler im Gorki-Park
Miss Menchik jouant aux échecs [à Londres, le 16 janvier 1926] (CNews) : [photographie de …
Ajedrez con fichas y mano
Eine Partie fürs Leben
Upiór w pałacu
Echec et Mat; [Gewinnerin beim Schachspiel]
Schach [R]
Schachweltmeisterschaft 1952
Der XIV. Schacholympiade gewidmet
Partia szachów
Awantura o Basię [1996]
chess piece
chess piece
International Chess masters take part
Chess in the open air
Chess Prodigy Aged Ten Years
Spanish girl competes in Margate
Chess in the open air
Lost in her game ._x000D_ Chess
Stalemate ._x000D_ Chess champions from every
Miss Fatima makes a move
13 1 / 2 year
The thinker ._x000D_ Chess champions from
Portret kilkuletnich dzieci podczas gry w szachy
Dartford ' s veteran '
Famous boy violinist , Yehudi
Study in thought at Hastings
Ex libris W. V. D. Kuylen
The Chess Players
The Chess Players
Be careful (the man on the left made this board and chessmen himself)
Women's champion runs city cafe
Ulysses playing chess from BL Harley 4431, f. 133
Ten year old girl youngest
Cats and Chess Board
British Chess magazine
Paul-Henri Spaak op vakantie
Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp Playing Chess at Man Ray's Studio
Chess set
Schachspieler in einem Kaffeehaus
Schaaktafel op een stam op drie s-vormige poten
Poet painter of Stoke Newington
Schoolgirl chess champion shows her
Indian girl concentrates in chess
Chess clock
Chess grandmaster Anatoly Karpov in Finland
British Chess Championship in London