API Terms of Use


In these terms of use, the following terms are defined as follows:

  • API-key: a unique and confidential code allowing access to the Europeana API.
  • Content: a physical or digital object that is part of Europe's cultural and/or scientific heritage.
  • Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication: The Creative Commons Universal Public Domain Dedication as published at: http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/
  • Email Address: the Email Address provided by the User upon registration for an API-key, or the Email Address provided by the User to replace this Email Address.
  • Europeana: The Europeana Foundation, operating under the Dutch law, the provider of the Europeana API.
  • Europeana API Service: application programming interfaces for the purpose of searching and retrieving the Metadata offered by Europeana on Europeana.eu.
  • Implementation: a service developed by the User, using the Europeana API.
  • Metadata: textual information (including hyperlinks) that may serve to identify, discover, interpret and/or manage Content.
  • Preview: A reduced size or length audio and/or visual representation of Content, in the form of one or more images, text files, audio files, and/or moving images
  • User: a natural or legal person authorised to receive a Europeana API-key.

Applicability of these terms of use

  1. By accessing the Europeana API, the User accepts and agrees to be bound by these terms of use.

  2. In addition thereto, the User must, before using the Europeana API, accept these terms of use where this option is made available in the sign-up form for the API.

    Use of the API-key

  3. API-keys are confidential and are for use by the User only and may not be shared with third parties unless with express agreement from Europeana.

  4. An API-key applies to a single Implementation. The User needs to create a separate API-key for every new Implementation.

  5. Europeana reserves the right to terminate individual Europeana API-keys that are used to display data obtained via the Europeana API in contexts that are illegal, pornographic, defamatory or can be detrimental to the reputation of Europeana in any other way.

    Provision of the Europeana API

  6. Europeana will provide the User with public technical documentation of the Europeana API, but will not provide technical support for Users unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

  7. Europeana will log all uses of the Europeana API by the User for the purpose of monitoring service load and for the purpose of improving the Europeana API.

  8. Europeana may limit the number of transactions the User may send or receive through the Europeana API. Such a limit may be set by Europeana at any time to ensure even performance of the Europeana API to all Users.

  9. Europeana will continually upgrade the Europeana API by adding new features. Europeana will give notice of updates to the User on a timely basis and will attempt to keep new versions of the Europeana API backwards-compatible. However, Europeana does not guarantee that the Implementations of the User will continue to function after an upgrade.

    Use of Metadata, Previews and Content

  10. All Metadata that are exposed through the Europeana API are published under the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication and can be freely re-used for any purpose.

  11. The Europeana API also provides URLs pointing to Previews hosted on Europeana.eu (edm:preview) and to Content hosted by Europeana's data providers (europeana:object, enclosure, edm:object and edm:isShownBy). The files identified by these URLs do not fall under the scope of the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication and may only be used in accordance with the rights statements contained in the europeana:rights/edm:rights record associated with the digital object (note that there are some uses such as embedding or linking that do not require permission in most jurisdictions). If there is no rights statement contained in the europeana:rights/edm:rights field or if the europeana:rights/edm:rights field is missing, the User shall assume that these Previews and Content may only be used in accordance with the applicable copyright laws, unless the website of the data provider gives different permissions relating to the Preview and/or Content.

  12. The User is encouraged to follow the Europeana Usage Guidelines for Metadata and to provide attribution to the data sources including, where possible, links to the Content on the original data providers' websites.

  13. Users of the API are requested to use the ‘Powered by Europeana’ logo in close proximity to the Metadata whenever such Metadata are displayed to indicate that they are obtained from the Europeana API. The ‘Powered by Europeana’ logo as well as instructions for using the logo can be found here.

    Notice and Takedown

  14. Europeana is not the owner of the copyrights to the Metadata, the Previews or the Content. This information has been provided to Europeana by a large number of contributing institutions and organizations. These data providers have ensured Europeana that the owners of these rights have agreed to the publication of their works under the applicable conditions as referred to above. However, Europeana cannot guarantee that this is always correct.

  15. In the event that Europeana is under the impression that it is publishing Metadata or Previews to which it is not entitled, it will remove these Metadata or Previews from the Europeana API. The User must cease use of such Metadata and Previews upon first request thereto from Europeana.

    Liability Disclaimer

  16. The Europeana Foundation does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the Metadata, Previews or Content.

  17. Except to the extent required by applicable law, in no event will Europeana be liable on any legal theory for any special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages arising out the use of Metadata, Previews or Content. In particular, it will not be liable for the following: a. accuracy, completeness, etc. of the Metadata, Previews or Content; b. any infringement of privacy, publicity, copyrights or other rights, including infringement of copyrights to Metadata, Previews or Content made available through the Europeana API under conditions that were not approved by the right holder; c. any use by third parties that goes beyond the rights expressed in these terms of use.

    These terms of use

  18. Europeana reserves the right to amend these terms of use. The User will be bound to the amended terms of use. Every subsequent reference to ‘these terms of use’ is considered to refer to the amended terms of use, once the User has been informed of the amendments and has reasonably been in the position to adjust use that began before the amendment of the terms of use. A User is considered to have been informed of amendments to these terms of use once Europeana has informed the User of the amendments via the email address provided by the User upon registration for an API-key, or the email address provided by the User to replace this email address.

  19. The rights provided to the User in these terms of use will expire automatically upon any breach by the User of the terms included herein.

  20. These terms of use are governed by the laws of The Netherlands.