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MS. Arch. Selden B. 26 - fol. 47v

Miscellany of five separate manuscripts, all of English origin and bound together <italic>c</italic>. 1660, comprising: in Latin and Middle English, (fols. 3-33) 'The Selden Carol Book', polyphonic music including (fol. 17v) <italic>The Agincourt Song</italic>, 2nd quarter of the 15th century; in Latin, (fol. 34) one leaf of Gregory's <italic>Pastoral Care</italic>, 8th century, and two 15th-century items, (fols. 35-94) Wycliffite tracts by John Tissington and others, and (fols. 95-102) a Calendar, with tables for 1459-76, etc.; and in English, (fols. 103-134) William Cartwright, <italic>The Royall Slave</italic>, a play performed at Oxford in 1636.

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