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General view of the Jogai Mandir Cave Temple, Amba Jogi

Photograph of the Jogai Mandir Cave Temple at
Amba Jogi, taken by D.H. Sykes in 1875-76. The town of Amba Jogi is
located in the modern state of Maharashtra. In his report of the
operations in Western India in 1875-76 James Burgess wrote, "There
have been a number of cave temples also, Brahmanical and Jaina, of
which the most entire remaining is known as Jogai's Sabha
Mandap...It is cut in a coarse trap rock...In the midst of the open
court...stands a pavilion...Inside the roof is supported by four
pillars...The whole court, pavilion, and cave, however, are filled
to a considerable depth with earth and dung, the shelter being much
sought by the village cattle during the heat of the day." This
photograph shows the entrance to this cave prior to clearance. The
inside of the cave is impressive; one hall is supported by thirty
two pillars and adorned with sculptures of Shiva and