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The Wellcome Bureau of Scientific Research: group staff portrait includes the Bureau director Dr Andrew Balfour (seated centre) and his successor Dr Charles Wenyon (seated to his left). Photograph, 1923.

Lettering: Mr Hoare. Lab assistants ? 1-3. 4. Muggleton, 5. Mr Michaels: Photographer. Mrs Sillito, Colvill, Sec, Miss Bellis, Sec, Schwartz-Renoir: Artist, Dr Joblin, Mr Sillito. Mr McGregor: Entomologist, Dr Daukes, Col. Stammers: Asst. Director, Andrew Balfour, Dr Wenyon, Major H.C. Brown: Bacteriologist, Dr Hoare. Lab boys. Stevenson: Pathologist, Woodland: Haematologist. W.B-5.R. 1923.