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Ten insects, including the earwig, cockroach, grasshopper, praying mantis, cricket and mole cricket. Coloured engraving by J. W. Lowry after C. Bone.

Lettering: Entomology. Order: Orthoptera. 1 Forficula auricularia. earwig 2 Blatta laponica Lapland cockroach 3 Tridactylus paradoxus 4 Mantis religiosa praying mantis 5 Acanthodis imperialis the emperor black and green cricket 6 Acrydium coerulescens blue-winged grasshopper 7 Gryllotalpa vulgaris mole-cricket 8 Acrydium bipunctatum 9 Truxalis nasuta 10 Idolothrips spectrum (highly magnified) Ordeā€¦