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Narcissus; Athamas from BL Harley 4431, f. 104

Miniature of Narcissus gazing at his own reflection; miniature of the fury Tesiphone inducing Athamus to kill his wife Ino and their children, in 'L'Épître Othéa'. Image taken from f. 104 of Various works (also known as 'The Book of the Queen'), including 'Cent balades' (ff. 4-21), 'Le Débat du livre des ii amans' (ff. 58v-71), 'Le Livre des iii jugements' (ff. 71v-81), 'L'Épître Othéa' (ff. 95-141v), 'Le Duc des vrais amants' (ff. 143- 177v), 'Le Livre du chemin de long estude' (ff. 178-219v), 'Le Livre de la pastoure' (ff. 221-236v), 'Le Livre des Épîtres sur le Roman de la rose' (ff. 237-254), 'La Cité des dames' (ff. 288v-374), etc. Written in French.