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Mermaid with mirror from BL Harley 6149, f. 30

Detail of a coat of arms with a mermaid holding a mirror. Image taken from f. 30 of Various heraldic treatises, including 'the Gaige of Battail' (ff. 1-5), heraldic treatise by Adam Loutfut (ff. 5-44), 'The Book of the Ordre of Chyvalry', translation of the French version of Ramon Lull's 'Le libre del ordre de cavayleria' (ff. 83-109), a poem on heraldry (ff. 151-155), Tractatus de nobilitate (ff. 155-164v), De duellis (ff. 164v-173v), imperfect. Written in English and Latin (only ff. 79-81, 127-128v, 155-173v).