Garvin Papers. General legal and biographical material; 1916-1974, n.d.

1. Birth Certificate of Roland Gerard Garvin (copy); 1952.2. Extract from Roland Gerard Garvin's diary; 1916. MS copy by James Louis Garvin?3. Press cuttings relating to Roland Gerard Garvin's death; 1916, n.d.4. Notes relating to Roland Gerard Garvin's education and career; n.d.5. Obituary of Roland Gerard Garvin from 'The Observer', written by James Louis Garvin; [1916?]. MS notes and typewritte…

Medal commemorating Lieutenant Otto Hersing and the submarine 'U21'
Medal commemorating the sinking of the SS 'Lusitania', 1915
Medal commemorating Admiral Eduard von Capelle (1855-1931) and the Battle of Jutland, 1916