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Engraved portrait of David Hume by W. Holl after A. Smith after A. Ramsay


David Hume: From a Print by A. Smith after a Picture by Allan Ramsay

Call Number - 0030440

Shelf Mark - Corson P.7135

Engraved portrait of the Scottish philosopher, David Hume (1711-1776). Scott's concept of history owes much to that developed by David Hume. Scott jokingly suggested publishing a complete poetic works of David Hume with illustrations and explanatory texts - there is only one short doggerel poem, scratched in the glass at an inn at Carlisle, which is accredited to Hume (letter to J.B.S. Morritt, 2 October 1815). This portrait was engraved by William Holl the Elder from an earlier engraving by Anker Smith published in 1806. The original portrait by Allan Ramsay was painted in 1766.