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Sigill, Skriv/Måleriverktyg, Seal


This seal is part of a group of ten seals that were handed over to the museum inside a black lacquer box (OM-2012-0029).

Round bronze seal with a handle in the shape of a monkey. The monkey holds a round object, possibly a pearl, in its right paw. Another"pearl" can be seen on the top of the monkey's head. The features of the monkey, especially the facial expression, are indicated in detail. The seal is partly covered with a greenish patina.

Korea collections 2 - Goryeo - Metalwork 1

Donated by Jens Warfvinge in 2012

인장 印章

Goryeo dynasty (918–1392)

Goryeo (918-1392)

고려 시대 (918 – 1392)

옌스 바르빙에(Jens Warfvinge)가 2012년에 기증