Mitteleuropa, Baden - Wolfacher Fasnet

Central Europe, Baden - Shrovetide at Wolfach

One week before Ash Wednesday, Shrovetide is proclaimed out of a waggon in various places of the town of Wolfach. After the "Eleven o'clock Mass" on the following "Dirty Thursday" pretzels are distributed to the children. The procession of the coffee-party tabbies takes place in the afternoon of the same day. Shrovetide proper is opened on Shrove Monday by the so-called "Well-awake", a historical …

Central Europe, Baden - Shrovetide at Wolfach
Mitteleuropa, Baden - Die Altweibermühle in der Wolfacher Fastnacht
Mitteleuropa, Schwarzwald - Der »Klausebigger« (Nikolausbrauch) in Steinach
Schüttenhoff in Förste/Nienstedt 1989