Mitteleuropa, Tirol - Zubereiten einer Mahlzeit auf einer Alm

Central Europe, Tyrol - Preparation of a Meal on an Alpine Pasture

One of the ordinary dishes in the Gsies valley is a maize-pap called plente. Plente is cooked in a pan set on the fireplace in the centre of the Alpine dairy-farm. Butter is melted and salt and water are added. Then maize-flour is mixed in the water, stirred and boiled into a pap. To achieve a better detaching of the crust of the pap, the edge of the pan is repeatedly smeared with run butter. Fina…

Mitteleuropa, Tirol - Topfen-Zubereitung auf einer Alm
Mitteleuropa, Tirol - Käsebereitung auf einer Alm im Gsiestal
Rührgerät mit Handkurbel