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מסכתות מסדר קדשים, עם הגהות כעין שיטה מקובצת

Masekhtot mi-seder Ḳodashim, ʻim hagahot ke-ʻen Shiṭah meḳubetset

Talmud. Ḳodashim. 1768

Tractates from seder Kodashim (Temura, Keritot, and Meilah, Kinnim, Tamid and Midot, ed. Sulzbach, 529 [1768 or 1769]) with annotations in the style of Bezaleel Ashkenazi's Shitah mekubetset, i.e., textual variants and emmendations, and explanations and novellae, copied in an 18th cent. Oriental hand from manuscripts of medieval commentaries.