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[Sidur kol ha-shanah ke-minhag bene Romah, Arbaʻ parshiyot ʻad Tishʻah be-Av]

Siddur (Roman rite). 1300

Bible. Pentateuch. Hebrew. 1300

Haftarot. 1300

Bible. Psalms Manuscript. 1300

[סדור כל השנה כמנהג בני רומה, ארבע פרשיות עד תשעה באב]

Order of prayers for the entire year according to the Jews of Italy, commonly called the Roman rite, part one: daily prayers, followed by liturgies for the year including fast days and Hanukkah, and the four special Sabbaths preceding Passover to the Ninth of Av; the text of the Pentateuch, Haftarot and Psalms is written in the margins.