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La migrazione dei dati geospaziali dai sistemi di riferimento catastali a Gauss-Boaga: un confronto sperimentale tra gli strumenti software e le librerie proprietarie, free e open source

In this paper we compare, through a case study located within the municipal boundaries of Rome, various proprietary, free and open source software libraries, in view of the coordinate transformation from the cadastral system Cassini-Soldner in the Gauss-Boaga system. The analysis was based on comparison of the Gauss-Boaga coordinates given in cadastral benchmark monographs and results of processing carried out with the libraries examined. Specifically, benchmarks were chosen for their representation both in IGM national geodetic network and in cadastral network in order to compare respective values in the final analysis. Aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the transformation made from Cassini-Soldner to Gauss-Boaga in order to obtain statistical values that allow us to choose or discard the libraries for topographical and GIS application within the metropolitan area of Rome.

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