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Lifelong migrant

I migrated here to Brussels from Denmark to do a six-month-long internship at the Council of Europe.

I am an intern at the Department of Justice and Home Affairs in Denmark, and will represent Denmark at the Council of Europe.

I come from a line of emigrants. My grandfather is originally from Ireland - from Greystones in Wicklow. He moved to Denmark in the 1960s to pursue happiness. He worked as an architect.

Other members of my family have moved temporarily to Greenland, China, Soctland and Canada, but are now back in Denmark.

I think I will be a migrant for my whole life. It's nice to have this adventure and sense of freedom.

I brought today my European Health Card. This illustrates my sense of being European, of the blurring of borders and feeling safe wherever I am. All of Europe is my country, and that is kind of amazing when I think about it.

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