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A photo of my grandparents

My migration story begins in Ruti in Switzerland on the last day we were there. Just before we were going to come back to The Netherlands, my father took a picture on my grandparents’ big, colourful back terrace. My brother, my grandparents and I were in the picture. I still remember hugging them bye, before leaving.

Now I am back at my home in The Netherlands. When I look at that picture, I think of my Grandmother and Grandfather. It always reminds me of when I was there in Switzerland to meet my family or go skiing. Some days I dream that I am in Switzerland with all my Swiss family eating delicious food in a restaurant or at the Badi Ruti swimming pool.

In the future, I want to learn more languages. I already speak Swiss German, German, Dutch, English and High German. I will live in other countries, but I will always visit Switzerland. I will keep my picture on my bedroom wall in a bigger picture frame so I never forget them.

This story was contributed by a pupil of The British School in The Netherlands.

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